• Building a Portable Miter Saw Station by Specific Love Creations

    A miter saw is a versatile tool. Especially when it’s capable of cutting multiple materials. It makes our range of miter saws perfect for workshops, projects, first fix, on-site applications and DIY.  To showcase this ability - we teamed up with YouTuber Specific Love Creations and sent the guys... View Post
  • Evolution Circular Saws

    Evolution power tools are designed and engineered to be accurate, long-lasting with 3-year warranty, powerful, ergonomic, aesthetic and fit for manufacture on a global scale. In 2018 Evolution launched five new circular saws, with more models to follow in 2020. These five multi-material cutting,... View Post
  • Evolution Miter Saw Stand

    A sturdy, versatile and convenient addition to any home workshop or job site. The Evolution miter saw stand compliments the range of miter saws with its lightweight and portable frame, that can be extended telescopically to support up to 3m workpieces and hold up to 150kg of weight. Then folded ... View Post