Evolution offers you the ability to constantly save money every time you shop direct at Evolution Power Tools.
Click 'EVO Points' in the navigation menu to open the EVO points window.

What are Evo Points?

Evo Points are gained by performing specific actions. The more points you have, the more redeemable discount codes you can use every time you purchase from Evolution.

How can I use Evo Points?

Click the 'EVO Points' from the main menu. From here you can easily see how to gain points and what rewards / discounts are available. You can also see how many points you have gained already.

Oh and for those who have already purchased from Evolution in the past 30 days, but didn’t know there were points up for grabs. Never fear because we saved those Evo Points for you. Simply create an account using the same email address you used when purchasing and you should have some points waiting to be redeemed.

But don’t wait around too long because they don’t last forever. Evo Points last up to 6 months. We’ll notify you by email when your well-gained points are about to expire.

Please note: If the total amount of points doesn't look quite right, it may be the points are already in your checkout ready to spend. Don't worry, you can remove the points from your checkout and save them for later when you have accumulated more.

Subscription Products

EVO Points can not be redeemed at the checkout for subscription plan products, however, discount codes can be applied at the checkout.

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